Does Walmart sell stamps?

If somebody stops you on the street and asks you where they could buy a postage stamp, the immediate answer for most people would probably be the post office, and that is correct. Did you know, however, that there are several other stores that sell postage stamps as well?

Sometimes we do not have the time to wait in line at the post office or we simply do not have one close by. If you find yourself in such situations, a foolproof choice is to go straight to the closest Walmart store and you are sure to find the majority of the stamps you may need there, as well as wrapping paper and other office supplies you can use for sending your mail.

Nowadays every city or town has a Walmart in the proximity which is open around the clock and has a sure supply of postage stamps. However, in case you find yourself unable to go to the store, you can visit the Walmart website, type “postage stamp” in the search bar, click on the stamps you need and buy them directly from there. The shipping is free and, although it may take them few days to arrive, your stamps will be delivered straight to your home.

Walmart offers a wide variety of stamps for you to choose from, in different formats (book, sheet, roll, and stripe), for a different price and use. The stamps sold always equal to the current mailing and shipping rates and, therefore, the prices may vary depending on the period you buy them in. Most of the stamps adhere to the First Class Mail one-ounce rate, but there are also the ones for the two-ounce rate, the “additional ounce” stamps currently worth $0.21, and so forth.

Besides the walmart you can buy stamps in walgreens as well – does walgreens sell stamps?.
If you decide to buy the stamps online from the Walmart website, you should always pay close attention to what is written in the blue description box on the right side of the stamps or in the highlights underneath the stamp you chose. If you decide to go to the store instead, and are not sure which stamps you should get, ask an employee and they will be able to help you.

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